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Hot Sales Granular NPK Fertilizer 30-10-10

Model Number 30-10-10
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Product description :
This product contains amino acids and various trace elements that required for plant growth and development. The formula is scientific and reasonable, it can promote crop growth after application. it can improve the photosynthetic performance of crops and significantly increase crop yield and quality for long-term application.

It is a special formula for promoting the coloring of grapes. It contains phenylalanine which promotes grape coloring and special amino acids which improve grape flavor. It promotes the absorption of calcium and zinc and increases the hardness and sugar content of grape fruit.

Main Function:
1. This product can enhance the disease resistance of crop roots, stems and leaves, increase photosynthesis, enhance enzyme activity.
2. It plays a preventive role on the yellow wilt, root rot and other viruses also relieve the injury due to improper spraying.
3. It has a special effects for fruit trees deciduous in the early and spot disease, and can improve the plant physiological functions, increase yield and improve quality.

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