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Bio-Organic Manure Ferment Inoculant and Decomposing Inoculant

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Bio Bacteria is a kind of composite bio-bacterial manure. It increases the organic matters in soil and provides crops with NPK elements; Besides, it contains beneficial bacteria which help improving the microbiological activity in soil.

Appearance: Dark brown/Black granular
Organic Matter: 45% min
Organic NPK: 6% min
Trace Elements: 2% min
Fiber: 5% min
Bio HA & Bio FA: 20% min
Beneficial Bacteria: 0.1 billion/gram


1.Improve the soil.After applying the manure into the soil,physicochemical conditions and biological characteristics of soil can be improved effectively.It can ripen the soil,enhances soil fertility and buffer capacity,create good soil condition for crop growth. 
2.Increase yield,improve quality.The manure is rich in organic matter and various of nutrient elements,which can supply nutrients for crops.After the decomposition of manure,It can supply energy and nutrients for microbe activities in the soil,promote activities of microbe,quicken decomposition of organic matter,active substances produced can promote crop growth and improve crop quality. 
3.Improve fertilizer utility.The nutrients in manure is high but relative content is low,slow released.However,the unit nutrient in chemical fertilizer is high but the ingredient is low,fast released.Apply both fertilizer cooperatively, supplement mutually,organic acid produced by decomposing organic matter  can promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients in soil and fertilizer.Organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer promote mutually,which is helpful for crop absorbing,improve the utility of fertilizer. 

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Sep 26, 2016 - Application of Bioorganic Fertilizer Significantly Increased Apple Yields and Shaped Bacterial Community Structure in Orchard Soil

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Feb 6, 2017 - The microorganism activity increased with the bio-organic fertilizer ... Different inputs of PGPR agents can cause changes in soil bacterial and 

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Biofertilizers contain beneficial bacteria cultures and nutrient solutions to support both plant and soil health

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A biofertilizer (also bio-fertilizer) is a substance which contains living microorganisms which, ... of chemical Pi fertilizer, on the other hand, have already demanded the use of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria or phosphate biofertilizers

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Several microorganisms are commonly used as biofertilizers including nitrogen-fixing soil bacteria (Azotobacter, Rhizobium), nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria (Anabaena), phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (Pseudomonas sp.), and AM fungi. ... Biofertilizers are low-cost, renewable sources of plant nutrients

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Bio fertilizer contain only living micro-organisms but organic fertilizer mainly contain ... Bio fertilizers are consists of the helpful micro organisms(bacteria,fungus) 

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The Effect of Biofertilizer Combined with Organic or Inorganic Fertilizer on Growth of Caesalpinia pulcherrima and Bacterial Population in Soil. To cite this article: 
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